Pages from our journal -November edition

Everything by Endless, all November long -
1. The Regalia Planner 2023 - Daily tasks, weekly wins, monthly musings and an annual assessment - they're all part of one big master plan - elevating you.
When you're in constant pursuit of better, you deserve better. Our Annual Planner, replete with thoughtful features to track your progress, is just the confidant you need - to keep you in check while you check off your milestones, one plan at a time.
You can check out our Planner here.
2. Tribute to Raja Ravi Varma - As part of our series, "An Endless Tribute", we paid our respects to creators who shaped the art of today, from all over the world. We highlighted the works of Raja Ravi Varma, an Indian painter, artist, and erstwhile King of Travancore. He is considered as one of the greatest painters in the history of Indian art.
You can check out the blog here.
3. Tribute to Caravaggio -  We celebrated an Endless Tribute to Caravaggio - one of the greatest realist painters of all time. Known for his incredibly detailed art, Caravaggio's works inspired a whole generation of artists, and his influences still carry on to this day!
You can check out the blog here.
4. Hold That Thought Clip - We launched the Hold That Thought clip - a snappy, snazzy little contraption that collates your papers and notes while you collect your thoughts.
You can check out our Hold That Thought Clip here.
See you in December!

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