The Explorer Journey

Leather for any weather  

Our brand new variants are an extension of Endless love we’ve received, and we wanted to talk about this seminal point in our journey with you.

When we started our Endless journey (no pun intended) almost three years and a whole pandemic back, we had just one goal - crafting stationery that every creator could cherish. 

It was meant to be simple yet lofty enough that we could forever find joy in the work we did everyday. A journey where we could genuinely look back at any point and find the path strewn with happy patrons, forever crafting content with the best product. Today, not only are we gleefully treading that very path, but we’re rediscovering newer ways to keep that same journey more fruitful and ambitious.

How, you ask? It all started with the Explorer - one of our most beloved products that became one of your most beloved. And we’re all here for it.

The Explorer - A connection beyond just stationery:

When we first released the Explorer for the world to enjoy, we were nervous. Sorry, scratch that. We were excited? Nervously excited? Honestly, it was a mix of both. It was meant to be our flagship product, and we weren’t sure how it would be received. 

Here was an experiment on which a major chunk of our destinies hinged and the judge would be you - true, blue creators. A few deep breaths and months later, the verdict was out - you accepted the Explorer as one of your own. You took our baby under your care and decided that it would give flight to your dreams, thereby giving us the wings to soar ahead. For that, we’re forever grateful. 

Today, we stand in front of you as a (still) young and fledgling company but one that’s tasted acceptance from the finest creators worldwide. Today, we’re giving you two brand new members to add to our first love, wrapped in the garb of the Full Grain Leather and Cactus Leather. Two new Explorers that continue to give you Endless joy of creating.

Our Full Grain Leather is now available in three new colour variants, i.e. Brown, Blue, and Green. We’re spoiling you with a little more choice so you can coordinate your colourful thoughts with our colourful notes!

The Cactus Leather - Premium, plant-based, perfect:

Our brand-new Cactus Explorer comes with plant-based cactus leather that’s extremely durable as much as it’s stylish. We’ve given them an added touch of flair with three different colours - Beige, Black, and Maroon and ensured that their pages are replete with our delightfully smooth Regalia paper. 

Enjoy long-lasting joy with the Cactus leather, and manifest your creations in one of the finest books out there. All our Explorers also come with PenLoops, now available in three more colours (Green, Blue, and Brown) so no thought ever gets lost.

Thank you all once again for all the love you’ve showered on us. Onwards and upwards!

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