Understanding the Creative Block

As creators, one of the most common questions posed to you is - have you experienced a creative block? If so, how do you overcome it? We’ve done it all - go for a jog, meditate, take a nap, call a friend and pretty much anything to just push our brains to reactivate itself and help us create! But, what if we told you that we have a Creative Block that you can celebrate? 
Read that again. Yes, we’re talking about a Creative Block of a totally different kind. One that was born out of creative inspiration to (un)block our minds and help us push our realms of creativity forward.
Well, without further ado, we at Endless take immense pride in introducing our very own Creative Block - 70 easy-to-tear pages for all your work - personal, professional, housekeeping, and more!
A chip off the new Block - for the quick thinker:
Our Creative Block was designed for one purpose: to help you write faster than you can think! We’ve carefully designed, or rather, creatively engineered this modern piece of stationery for the modern thinker. 
Here are some starter ideas on what you can do with your Creative Block  -
Create to-do lists: Everyday essentials is precisely what we made our Creative Block around. So, if you want to get through your day at work, this is the perfect companion. Write down your to-do list and glance at them periodically through the day. You can also rip it and stick it on your table for easier access and smash your minute goals!
  • Quick notes: You’re sitting in office, working on the next big thing (or slightly smaller) idea. You want your colleagues and fellow ideators to buy into your idea but words don’t suffice. That’s where the Creative Block comes in! Sketch, scribble, and dissect your plan easily on the paper, rip it, and share it with your comrades. They now get it. You’ve successfully transferred your knowledge and aligned everyone. It really is that easy!

  • Meetings: The Creative Block is your perfect meeting partner. Jot down effective minutes-of-the-meeting in shorthand, and have it at your disposal whenever you need it. It’s the best way to write down notes quickly and type it out at the required time without having to scramble for a notebook.

  • Doodling and lettering: What better way to practice your inch perfect signature, improve your lettering, or just doodle to de-stress than the Creative Block? It was made for you to unblock your mind, and you can enjoy having your way with it, as you please, any time of the day! Just pick up a pen, and get to rambling away on the Block!

    Oh, don’t forget to rip apart the paper with your signature and dispose of it too. You wouldn’t want someone forging your sign! Yes, we always have your best interests in mind

  • Testing ink shades: It’s always fun to try out new pens of course, you wouldn’t want to mess up your journal, right? In that case, the Creative Block is the perfect partner for you to just try out different ink shades till you find the one that suits your style the best. 

  • The final cherry on top is us sticking true to Endless tradition by choosing Regalia paper. We’ve assembled 70 pages replete with Regalia paper from start to finish on the Creative Block. This means you can experience the same joy of writing, scribbling, drawing, or designing as your regular Endless notebook.  The best part? You can rip a page off and pass it around too!
    In case you’ve not read about our amazing Regalia paper, we suggest you take a peek here.
    With these super-fun and insightful use-cases, we’re sure the Creative Block is going to help you unravel your thoughts, and unblock your creative rut. Use it as you will, and take your creativity to the next level!

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