Storyboard Standard Edition - Regalia Paper - Large

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A canvas for your imagination

80 GSM Regalia Paper with 64 pages 

Welcome to the All-New Storyboard Notebook made from our proprietary and ink-loving Regalia paper.  

Give all of your thoughts and dreams shape and form.

Now with thicker 80gsm acid-free paper made in-house for your joy. Experience Regalia, our proprietary paper and feel the richness

With one of the best color reproductions of ink on any paper, experience sheening and shading like never before. 
All 64 pages are completely acid-free.

Secured by threads

The Storyboard Large notebook is bound at the centre with threads.
And, the notebook measures 5.1" x 7.5"

Refills for the Endless Explorer Journal

The Storyboard Large Notebook also serves as the refill for the
Explorer notebooks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Chris Decker
Nice paper

Smears if your fountain pen writes wet but lays flat in the journal which is nice. Thick paper feels good to write on with various pens / inks so far

Christopher Quine
Lovely paper

The regalia paper is an epiphany wrapped in a quandary covered in velvety chocolate. Such a pleasure for my fountain pens and roller balls. Thank you!

Geoff Bishop

Storyboard Standard Edition - Regalia Paper - Large

I love Endless Storyboards with Regalia Paper!

Every fountain pen or rollerball ink I use on this paper just pops! It comes to life in a completely new and vibrant way compared to any other writing paper. That is why after my initial order of 2 Storyboards with Regalia paper and the Explorer notebook that comes with one Storyboard in it, I ordered 7 more! I really do love this paper! It is soft but not slippery. You will not feel like you are ice skating out of control on this paper. But it’s not rough in any imaginable way at all. And again, I really like how it makes all my inks look. You will see different shades of shading ink that you never saw before.Your Shimmer and Sheen inks will pop like you have never seen before. If you’re weary, don’t be. Try this Regalia paper in Endless Storyboards. I never go anywhere without it in my Explorer Leather Notebook Cover filled with it! Cheers

Александр Архангельский

Storyboard Standard Edition - Regalia Paper - Large

About Endless

Crafted for creators

Ideas are Endless. And, they keep fleeting in our minds by the second. Endless is here to help you capture them and bring them into the physical realm. To provide a canvas for all your thoughts.



I’m quite impressed with the Endless Recorder notebook. I appreciate the extra touches, such as the Table of Contents and the page numbers. I prefer its white 68gsm Tomoe paper over cream, especially for ink swabbing.

Susan M. Pigott

Given the slimmer profile and general absence of bulk, these notebooks would also make excellent travel journals. Since the pages are numbered, this notebook could also easily be converted into a bullet journal.

Joe Crace

Refillable Leather Journal

Endless Explorer


ink loving canvases for your imagination

Storyboard Standard Editions



featuring 80 GSM,Acid-Free Regalia Paper