Closed-Type Pen Loop - For Explorer Journal

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  • Handcrafted Leather Pen Loop
  • Closed-Type for more protection of your pens
  • Fits most pens of standard sizes

Customer Reviews

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Anand Prahlad
Looks nice, but needs better sizing

I've been looking for a good pen loop for a while, and I already have a five and three pen case from Endless, which I'm very happy with, so I decided to give this a shot. My main gripe with this is how tight the fitting on it is. I've tried this with my Lamy Safari (the pen in the product photo here) and Al-Star, and the body holds on so tight to the stem of the pen that the caps comes off and leaves the pen inside the pouch. Not ideal. My Pilot Custom 823 does not even fit inside it.
This pouch works best for slim ball-pen type pens, or pens with a slender form factor in general. Definitely does not work for larger, heavier pens (bear in mind, the 823 is not an oversized pen by any means, it's just a little larger than the Safari). Quite disappointing overall.
Pictured here are my Custom 74 (which is a small, slender pen and fits the best of the lot), Lamy Safari (you can see how the cap comes off and leaves the body of the pen inside the pen loop, and also how tight the fit is from the way the leather stretches around the cap, definitely not as easy a fit as the product picture shown here, and the Custom 823, which doesn't even slip in all the way beyond the cap.
I don't push the pens in all the way, as demonstrated in the product photo here, because it'll be really difficult to fish the pen out from the loop.
This inconsistency is probably a quality control issue, considering the product photo looks a lot more relaxed and loose fitting than the product I received.

Alicia Souza

Closed-Type Pen Loop - For Explorer Journal

Mark Smithgall
Works as you would hope!

I purchase this to store a fountain pen with a Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter - it works exactly how you would hope it would work! 5 stars as my meets were met. I was hoping to find this product with a bright red elastic band instead of the current black band to match the Taschenbegleiter, but it'll work for now. Works great with a Pilot VP and Lamy 2000.

Abhijeet Deshpande

Closed-Type Pen Loop - For Explorer Journal

Viraj Pradhan
Needs a bigger size

Needs to be bigger in size, folks. Doesn't take even acerglage sized pens. Good quality though. Keep going 👍

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I’m quite impressed with the Endless Recorder notebook. I appreciate the extra touches, such as the Table of Contents and the page numbers. I prefer its white 68gsm Tomoe paper over cream, especially for ink swabbing.

Susan M. Pigott

Given the slimmer profile and general absence of bulk, these notebooks would also make excellent travel journals. Since the pages are numbered, this notebook could also easily be converted into a bullet journal.

Joe Crace

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